I am nearing the end of University. After Easter there is just 4 days, 3 projects, 2 essays and 1 exam to go and so of course I am being asked the inevitable ‘what are your plans for after uni?’.

The truth is I have an idea of what I’d like to do, but I think a large majority of our generation feel as though they’re being pulled in different directions in an attempt to achieve success. There are job ‘opportunities’ flying at us, careers fairs, grad schemes, application deadlines. Equally there is the pull to take some time, to have a break and use the opportunity to actually enjoy unemployment. On the other hand, as much as I long for and love freedom, I also feel ready to settle somewhere, I want a flat to decorate and a local area and some kind of routine but obviously, in order to do that I need money, lots of it. So that brings us back to the job dilemma.

I’d like a job (obviously), but doing exactly what I don’t know. It would probably be something media related, but so far none of the work experience I’ve done has ignited a passion in me and made me want to do it for the rest of my life. The jobs I do want are ones that are incredibly competitive, and I don’t know if I’m confident enough in my ability to push for the presenter roles, the writing opportunities. I’m aware you usually need to work your way up, hence why I’m hesitant to start climbing the career ladder before I’m certain of what I want to be at the top, or whether I’m ready to start working towards it. That being said, you have to start somewhere, but I’m not sure I want to start digging my roots somewhere in case it suddenly becomes too hard to leave.

The desire to travel is one I know so many of us experience, we are aware of the unique opportunity we have; Time. As much as there is a pressure for us to get a job, there is perhaps an equal one for us to take advantage of our youth. The chance to take time for ourselves, to achieve things outside of a job and explore the world is one that we are unlikely to get again. There are plans I made when I was younger, places I’ve seen pictures of and stories I’ve heard so I almost feel like I owe it to myself to experience these things. The insight social media gives us into other peoples lives probably doesn’t help, we look at what our friends are spending their time doing and compare it to how we are spending ours. Even though we know it’s a specially curated highlight reel, sometimes other people’s highlights still look better than our own. It also expands our horizons, which isn’t a bad thing but can almost make us feel like we have more to do, more of life to be living. We can look at pictures of cities, beaches and cafes and instantly add them to our ever growing bucket lists.

So, with all that in mind, I am trying to remember to run my own race, to measure my success against myself. There is no point looking at the person in the next lane, how well they’re doing in their life makes no difference to how well I’m doing in mine. I want to see other people succeeding and use it as motivation to achieve my own goals, whatever they are. I’m trying to find the balance between working hard and doing what makes me happy because hopefully, eventually, the two will go together. In the mean time, you’ll find me doing my best and trying not to have a premature quarter life crisis. I’ll keep you posted.

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Out of Sorts

It is a strange time of year, it’s just before the Christmas festivities kick in properly but winter has definitely arrived, its dark before 4 and I don’t think I’ve seen the sun in at least a 10 days.

For the last week or so I think I’ve been out of sorts, I think lots of people have. It’s hard when the weather is so cold and all anyone can think about is university deadlines. There are also lots of things happening with my family at home so its hard to be away from them, I feel very distant. That being said, you’re not here to listen to me complain, so on a more positive note, here are a few of things that I’m appreciating and are helping to keep me (slightly) sane, they may work for you too.

  • Rubbish rom coms and Christmas films with whoever will watch them with me. Would recommend Texas based Forever my Girl on Netflix and I’m just days away from getting Love Actually on.
  • To do lists. Especially with small goals, everyday feels productive, even if I’ve just showered, can give that a tick.
  • Yes its cold, but trying to stay inside doesn’t mean retail therapy has to stop due to the wonder of online shopping. In my case its online browsing but still.
  • Christmas Markets may be overpriced and not quite the same as actually being in Germany but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth a visit, one of the best ways to feel festive.
  • Speaking of festive, I have decided there is no shame in buying an advent calendar for yourself, or asking someone to get one for you. Its the small things.
  • Food is a friend, especially in winter when you’re in layers rather than bikinis. Plan warm meals and spend time cooking with people.
  • I may not be middle aged but I’m loving Radio 2 (don’t laugh), I think because it reminds me of home, but its always nice to have on in the background. Or a podcast, I love The High Low and Pillow Talk (the fact I host the latter doesn’t change my opinion).
  • Facetime and phone the people you care about. It’s not the same as being with them but it helps.
  • Make plans. Whether its a coffee with a friend or what’s happening on New Years Eve, its good to have things to look forward to other than submitting an essay.

I hope that helps but if all else fails, whack on some Christmas music and whip out the mince pies, no judgement here.


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In a week I head back to Leeds, and although there is still a while until my final year actually starts, I’m already starting to worry about what life might hold after it and I already have a strange sense of nostalgia.

The truth is that for me, university wasn’t everything I wanted it to be, at least not straight away. I found the majority of my first year incredibly lonely and overwhelming, which was something I hadn’t experienced before. I think perhaps we hear so many stories about how amazing it is and how you meet so many people who become your friends for life that you’re not prepared for what happens when it doesn’t meet those expectations. I found it could be quite isolating. I loved being in a city though and pushed myself to keep meeting people and by the end of the year, I was sad to leave it all.

Second year was much better, I felt far more settled and preferred being in a house. I surrounded myself with like minded people, made sure my days were busy and took advantage of opportunities that came my way and the city I was in. I spent a lot of the year laughing and doing things that made me happy with people who made me happy.



But now, I’m thinking about my final year, about all the things I said I would do at university but haven’t, about how quickly it’s all gone and about what I’m going to do after it’s over. It’s not that I’ve got no idea what I want to do, it’s that there are so many things, I have so many different paths I could go down. I need to remember that there’s no rush, I have 9 years left of my twenties and as hyped up as they are, there are plenty of years after them. I guess I just have to make the most of what is planned, because after that who knows where I’ll be.


So this year, I’m going to work, yes, but I’m also going to join the societies I didn’t quite get round to joining and explore the city a bit more. I promised my mum I’d do a night of stand up comedy but perhaps that’s still a bit far-fetched. I want to actually do my readings so that there’s less late night library sessions and more time spent with friends.

Most importantly, I’m going to try not to compare my experiences with everyone else’s, because I’m pretty sure they’re probably just as stressed about it all as me.



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